Finally, Overwatch 2 launched as a free to play game for everyone

With the launch of Overwatch 2, you can now transfer your inventory items like cosmetics, skins, gears etc from the original overwatch

Here is guide on How to Transfer Skins in Overwatch 2 

For Console

-First, launch the Overwatch on your console - You should be able to see a 6 digit number or QR code displayed on the screen -Go to the Battel.Net app on your phone, either enter the 6 digit code or Scan the QR Code at

For Console

-Once you done with that, you will need to log into with your login credentials. -Don't have account, create new, it just takes 2 min  -After login, go to the main menu in Overwatch, and Click on the account merge option.

For Console

You will be asked to confirm the merge, just tap on confirm and you will merge your accounts. - Once that is done now you have successfully transferred all your (Overwatch) inventory items to Overwatch 2

For PC

For PC, it is very hassle free process. -You just need to login into Overwatch 2. - You will find all your inventory items  automatically transferred with having to do nothing

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