Google officially launched the latest version of the world's largest mobile operating system- Android 13 on August 15, 2022

If you own Google Pixel 4 or higher series of pixel (Pixel 6 series), you should already have a update ready to go 

You don't have a pixel? no need to worry, other smartphones should get the latest Android 13 update throughout the rest of 2022

Modified Design The new Android 13 offers new interfaces, more personalize customization options 

Android 13 Features

Auto Theming Icons The latest Android 13 version allows you to auto-theme your icons 

Alternative Lock Screen Clock Setup Android 13 let users  toggle between two clock style  on the lock screen

Panlingual Per app language settings

This feature allows users to set specific languages foe specific apps, separate from the system setting

Security and Privacy Updates

Google makes the latest Android 13 operating system more secure and more private, with more user control over the things that matter most

Near By WiFi Devices

Google introduces the latest Nearby Wi-Fi devices runtime permission in Android 13 operating system, which gives apps new option that doesn't need location access

Integrated Fast Pair

Google introduce Integrated fast pair in Android 13, it allows users quickly connect their wireless devices (Bluetooth headphones, watches etc.)

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