It's not the first time Apple Watch saves a person's life. The Apple Watch is not just a watch it is more than that

Written by Abhinav Fating

According to Hourdetroit report, a 12 year old girl named Imani Miles had her life saved by the Apple watch

Imani noticed that her Apple watch continuously notifying her about her abnormal high heart rate 

That's really weird, because its never happened before, says the girl's mother.

Concerned, girl's mother took her daughter to the hospital, were doctors discovered Imani's tumor, the cancer had already spread to some part of her body, requiring her to undergo surgery to remove it

Fortunately, the surgery went well, the girl Imani recovered from surgery. if she didn't have that watch, it could have been so much worse, says the girl's mother

The Wearables expert Joao Bocas says, "Wearables play a important role in supporting people to build better health behaviors".

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