DuckDuckGo privacy-focused web browser announced more privacy and transparency in web tracking protection

Image Courtesy- DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Browser has announced that its third party tracker loading protection will now also block Microsoft tracking scripts on external websites

The main mission of the DuckDuckGo browser to bring the privacy -focused browser to the Android, iOS and Desktop

In a mail interview with the Verge, Kamyl Bazbaz DuckDuckGo's VP of Communications told that the browser has already started blocking most Microsoft scripts 

Over the next week, the update will starts rolling out but this update won't be able to block scripts for that load only after a user clicks on search ad in DuckDuckGo browser

DuckDuckGo CEO Gabe Weinberg has also promised the company would be more transparent what trackers its products protects users from 

The Privacy-focused DuckDuckGo web browser has made its tracker blocklists available to the public

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