Google Pixel 7 Series Smartphone Coming to India, confirms Flipkart

Google Pixel 7 series smartphones are finally coming to India, this news is confirmed by India’s famous e-commerce site Flipkart. Flipkart flaunts a big poster on its site showing the Pixel 7 series coming soon in India. The teaser image suggests that Google plans to launch both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphone in India.

After a long time, Google will be launching its main Pixel series smartphones in India. Google’s last main Pixel smartphone was the Pixel 3 series (Pixel 4, Pixel 5 & Pixel 6 series smartphones were never launched in India) after that Company seized the releasing pixel phones for the Indian market.

Google always focusing on launching Pixel -A series models for the country, the A-series models including Pixel 6a (which was recently launched in India), Pixel 4a, and Pixel 3a.

Flipkart’s listing reveals that Google’s upcoming Pixel 7 Series smartphone is powered by google’s in-house Google Tensor G2 processor.

Google Pixel 7 Series is all set to launch on October 6 at 10 am ET. Google’s latest Pixel 7 Series smartphones will be available on Flipkart, which has been the online retail partner for Google for all Pixel phone launches in India.

According to reports, the upcoming Pixel 7 smartphone features a 6.3″ display which is slightly smaller than its predecessor- the Pixel 6 sports a 6.4″ panel. The teaser images also reveal that Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone will feature a triple rear camera setup while the Pixel 7 will come with a dual camera setup.

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